Raw, gritty and dark: Brett Walker

I have always had a tendency towards really deep down, dirty photography. The dark reality appeals to me, and Brett Walker serves me it. His photography is very much real and beautifully revealing. Sometimes he plays with reality, but it still keeps its honesty. Walker is so very aware of every little detail and he definitely knows what he is doing.

Brett Walker was brought up in a middle-class society in the north of England during the 1960’s. He was already a successful photographer at the age of 18, and by 22 he was working in the fashion industry in Tokyo – as the first European to do so. Later on in the 80’s Walker really made a name for himself working with the top names; Vogue, The Face, Yohji Yamamoto, i-D to name a few. There later came a point when he felt his values didn’t match the ones in the big fashion industry and he left for a life as a merchant seaman, still with camera in hand at all times. The rest, is history. Now I will just let the art speak for itself.

(If you’re interested in buying any of Brett Walker’s photography you can find selected photographs at P Artist Management)


Photography by Brett Walker

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